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Why Modular
Why Modular
Contrary to many myths about modular homes, spoken primarily by those who wish the myths were true:

Factory built homes have superior quality.

Regardless of weather we're talking about factory built, panelized or modular homes, in plant construction quality is variably superior to what can be done on the job site. Parts cut with an hand saw or a hand held power circular saw at the job site cannot possibly be as precise as those cut with a $10,000 radial arm saw or $100,000 component cutter in a factory. Factory fastening methods are also demonstrably superior because they use pneumatic tools, which drive fasteners to precise depths, no under driving or shiners. What's more, factory inspections cover every construction detail from floor framing to final paint, and trained factory inspectors or independent third party inspectors perform more than one dozen unannounced inspections per house.

Factory built homes are quicker to build.

From the time you place your order, even when the factory is hopping busy, you can get a two modular home delivered to your site in eight weeks or less, and you can move into the home within a few additional weeks. From the time you place your order, the average site built home takes six to nine months to complete.

Factory built homes appreciate in value, the same as stick built homes.

Other things being equal (primarily location), factory built homes appreciate in value in lock step with stick built homes.


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